3-Step Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions and a Word On Habit Replacement

  Hi and Happy New Year!!! Today I’m sharing a training Tiffany Largie did to help those of us focus in very precisely to the priority goal we have to manifest in 2018. I’ve never been good at Resolutions and I like this system. As you watch Tiffany’s short goal setting video tutorial, remember to… […]

More On How Smiling More Increases Your Vibrational Frequency

  OR ‘Smile More Every Day, Every Minute’. 😉 Blogging Challenge – Day 9 Hello, Yesterday I pondered my ‘What’s the Most Pleasing 5-Letter Word‘ post. The idea for it was born when I watched a video with the same title on Facebook. But I couldn’t find it on Youtube. Well, not the same one. […]

What’s the Most Pleasing 5-Letter Word?

  Blogging Challenge – Day 8 Hi there, Yes, you read the title right! The most pleasing 5-letter word? #happiness #LOA #relationships #stress #depression Did you guess this correctly? Do you do it enough? Would doing it help to shift your energy when you’re experiencing a low moment? Do it. Do more of it. Consciously. […]

Health, Relationship, Money Stress, Depression, Law of Attraction and Soul Alignment

  Blogging Challenge – Day 6 Hi again, One of the things that delays, pauses and halts personal transformation and consciousness evolution is the amount of stress that modern day life entails. Modernization comes at a price oftentimes. Less personal alone time. Less communing and interactive relationship with nature and the natural world in everyday […]