Hi and Happy New Year!!!

Today I’m sharing a training Tiffany Largie did to help those of us focus in very precisely to the priority goal we have to manifest in 2018.

I’ve never been good at Resolutions and I like this system.

As you watch Tiffany’s short goal setting video tutorial, remember to…

Own 2018. Just make it your meaningful year to step more in to Being and expressing the Vastness that is You.


Breathe through depression, apathy, self hatred, unworthiness, feeling like nothing you do matters, like you can’t change anything, like it’s always one step forward and three back.

Breathe through all of the resistance and negativity and distractions and hopelessness and supreme sadness that come up and try to choke you back down in to giving up on yourself. Again.

Sometimes that becomes a habit. A habit that sucks the life out of you. Every moment. Every day. Until a whole new year passes. Again.

Replace that old hopeless, sad, going nowhere habit with itsy bitsy tiny new actions that excite you, that scare you but that pull you forward in to your greatness.

Build a daily habit of Being Happy-Inside. Of feeling, rolling in and expressing your innate power, love, wisdom, clarity, invincibility, victory.

Build a happiness, passionate, meaningful moment-by-moment life this year. One moment at a time. Deep breathe through the hard times. Rest in between the steps. Nurture, accept, love on yourself. Always.

I love you.



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