OR ‘Smile More Every Day, Every Minute’. 😉

Blogging Challenge – Day 9


Yesterday I pondered my ‘What’s the Most Pleasing 5-Letter Word‘ post.

The idea for it was born when I watched a video with the same title on Facebook. But I couldn’t find it on Youtube. Well, not the same one.

The ones I found had a joke near the beginning that I didn’t remember seeing in the version I saw and that I’d prefer wasn’t on the one I posted here.

So I continued searching but couldn’t find any version sans joke, so ended up not adding the video at all.

Maybe I should have.

But a judgement call that bugged me even up until this morning. Why didn’t I just blog about something else? The post, as I ended up doing it, seemed a bit silly. Even though the message was, is, so simple yet important.

I’ve proven the power of a smile to change my mood, attitude, entire energy frequency many a time.

Smile More Every Day, Every Minute

And that was the point of my newly sub-titled ‘Smile More Every Day, Every Minute‘ meandering post. 😉

So soon after mulling it a bit more this morning, I made peace with it, let it go and got on with my day.

Then later, whilst hopping quickly on to Facebook, I saw a long-time friend had posted something. His wife recently passed, so I decided to go over to support and send him Blessings.

Scrolling down his page a bit, I found he had shared… drum roll… a post about SMILING! 😉

What lovely synchronicity.

So of course, you know I’m going to share it here too, right? Smiling is JUST too easy a way to shift how a day is unfolding for us all to use it consciously to start our day right over from scratch, any time we choose to.

This smile piece is by Matt Kahn.

“A smile is an offering of goodwill, as the spark of Divine energy in two people, pulls back the curtain of perception to remember the light dwelling in all. A smile is a subconscious ethical agreement, exchanging the ways society interacts with strangers to the openness of engagement, now that eyes have made direct contact. A smile is a celebration of your untainted innocent heart, always ready and willing to burst with joy throughout moments of inspiration, no matter how broken down, beat up, or defeated the past seemed to be.

A smile is a declaration of freedom shining out from your eternally liberated nature, shouting from the roof tops through the cosmic language of silence, “I am here. I matter. I exist for a reason.” A smile is a gift of emotional generosity, like a gift certificate of healing energy, where the receiver can decide where such energy can be best used for the evolution of their soul. A smile is a confirmation of alignment with Source and being settled in your highest Truth, only revealing the need for deeper transformations the moment you look away, pull back, and hide.

A smile is a high five exchanged between angels affirming the perfection of their victory no matter how circumstances come to be. A smile is a remembrance of Heaven sent from the purest space within you to awaken the purity of all. A smile is a symbol of awakened heart-centered consciousness affirming all that is whole, right, and perfect about this moment exactly as it is. A smile is a spiritual cease-fire that only brings defeat to the parts and aspects that were never created to go any further. A smile is a moment of profound surrender, no longer needing to hold anything together or manage a journey that is too busy taking care of you to brief you on its plan.

Whether as a gaze of ecstasy exchanged by lovers, the admiration given from parent to child, support sent from one friend to another, or an offering shared by planetary neighbors, may today be an opportunity to remember the power of your smile.

As you take the time to smile more deliberately, openly, and authentically than ever before, may you rejoice in how often you are given opportunities to positively affect the quantum field of reality just by engaging the simplest and sweetest acts of kindness more often. May you come to know the happiness already within you that can be received with greater awareness the more often you open up and dare to shine.

I offer you this smile and invite you to pass it along to all the hearts you are meant to touch. May you receive it fully and share it freely for the wellbeing of all.”


I hope you enjoyed that.

Did it spark any insights?

This is the vital point:

“…take the time to smile more deliberately, openly, and authentically than ever before…”.

Because when you do, when you ‘smile more every day, every minute’, you shift your own frequency, which is delicious in and of itself.

AND you shift the frequency of the entire planet. Because your energy, your intention, your frequency is a powerful component of our collective planetary energy, of the energy of Life Itself.

Yayyyy!!! 😉

Tomorrow is the last day of the Blogging Challenge and the task is to create a content calendar for future blog posts.  Aaaaaccchhhhhh!!!  HORROR of horrors! 😉

Needless to say, I won’t be blogging tomorrow. But I will be back with you soonest.

Till then, keep smiling!!! 😉


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