Blogging Challenge – Day 8

Hi there,

Yes, you read the title right!

The most pleasing 5-letter word? #happiness #LOA #relationships #stress #depression

Did you guess this correctly?

Do you do it enough?

Would doing it help to shift your energy when you’re experiencing a low moment?

Do it.

Do more of it.


Every day.

Every minute if you can.

Try it for one day.

Then seven days straight.

Then 30 days.

Six months?

I’m going to.

I want to see how it helps me shift and transform some things in my life that I’m choosing to change.

So I’ll be smiling as I wake up.

Smiling as I go to sleep.

Smiling as I brush my teeth.

Smiling at my cats.

Smiling at everyone I see.



But most important smiling I’ll be doing?


From deep within my core.

I’ll be smiling with Life.

With me.

With all around me.

From deep inside.

Feeling happy.


Glad to be alive.

Join me?