Blogging Challenge – Day 6

Hi again,

One of the things that delays, pauses and halts personal transformation and consciousness evolution is the amount of stress that modern day life entails.

Modernization comes at a price oftentimes.

Less personal alone time.

Less communing and interactive relationship with nature and the natural world in everyday life.

Less quality time spent with family, loved ones and friends that allow for deepening relationship.

Life challenges continuously distracting and preventing pursuit of important heart goals and dreams.

One effect of all this is a deeper level of loneliness at a heart and soul level. Many, in the midst of small or large groups, feel alone and lonely.

One of the things I’ve wanted to do and have been working on lately is the relationship between stress and how we manifest.

So I’m focusing on creating different ways to explore how various types of stress affect our ability to powerfully allow, attract and manifest our deepest heart desires.

There will be brand new digital and other online learning opportunities that will each explore how stress affects manifesting.

I’ll teach and help you apply multidimensional techniques to dissolve, heal and disintegrate chronic stress. And each online class will dig into and facilitate real life application at progressively deeper levels.

One of these techniques is galactic sound healing, a ‘back-against-the-wall’ stress busting and manifesting technique I’ve been using since 1990 but have never had the cojones to teach either offline or online.

I’m on the way to being fully excited about teaching it now because it is off-the-wall, out-of-the-box radical and that’s exactly what I’m in the mood to teach now.

This fifth and higher dimensional stress busting galactic sound healing technique is AMAZINGGGG for dealing with any type of stress, but it is especially effective for chronic and karmic stress that affects our every day choices and lives.

And if you take even a quick glance at the daily news headlines worldwide, radical cutting through of crazy, fear and manifestations of lack and dis-ease could be helpful. 😉

While working on this, I will be introducing some of the core topics here on the blog. This includes looking at:

* General stress

* Money stress

* Relationship stress

* Health stress

* Business and/or job stress

* Spiritual stress

* Depression

* Mindset

* Law of attraction

* Fifth dimensional Soul level awareness

* Sixth and higher dimensional awareness

* Multidimensional living

Let me know if you would like us to explore any other type of stress and how it affects your ability to powerfully create and manifest what you want in your everyday life. Just share via the comment section below or through the contact form here (opens in new window).

Ok, that’s it for now. Create lots of laughter and Soul-level insights and talk soon.



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