Blogging Challenge – Day 4

Hi again,

I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone in fulfilling today’s blogging challenge. So below is today’s 5-minute fiction short that I wrote for a 30-day Fiction Writing Challenge I’m also participating in.

I’ve only written one other day out of the 19 days so far but that in itself was a huge breakthrough. I stopped writing fiction after my sister passed last Thanksgiving morning, 2016.

Now that I’ve committed to taking small then progressively bigger action steps to get back on track in all areas of my life, I’ve also decided to take part in next month’s NaNoWriMo annual writing challenge.

I didn’t intend to but it hit me yesterday that I’ve never missed a year since my first NaNo back in November, 2013.

I’ll be a NaNo Rebel as usual, so I’ll be writing both fiction and non-fiction next month. I figured both the 30-Day Fiction Writing Challenge and the 10-Day Blogging It Out Challenge would help get me ready. 😉

So here goes…

The health insurance letter fluttered helplessly to the floor as Terri’s shocked fingers lost their grip. Terri clutched the edge of the mahogany side table that her mother used to so lovingly polish.

She felt her heart racing and a sharp pain in her chest.

“I have to cough. Cough now.”

She did. A tiny cough slipped out her constricted throat, too small to stop any impending heart attack. With more resolve, Terri coughed again. And again.

She slumped down on the floor, back against the wall. She willed herself to slow her breath, to focus on relaxing.

How was she to take care of her dying mother now?



Have you ever wanted to write fiction?

Do you write fiction now?