Blogging Challenge – Day 2

Hello again,

Yes, I’ve made it back for Day 2 of our Blogging It Out Challenge.

And I wanted to talk about Tiffany Largie and how important she has become to me in the past three or so weeks. A total stranger before that. But a total stranger who I feel so Blessed to have met online, over the telephone and who I can’t wait to meet in person, face to face.

I shared more on how I learned about Tiffany in my Tiffany Largie – 7-Figure Business Coach Offering Free Story Intensives post.


Tiffany’s Story Intensives.

I’ve attended three, yes THREE, of Tiffany Largie’s Story Intensives now.

And I’m going to attend the other one scheduled for this Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 3:30pm PT – 6:30pm PT.

Why would I go again?

Because each and every time I’ve attended one of her Story Intensives, more of my own story bubbles up into my conscious awareness.

It’s like all kinds of little bits that piece together are playing hide and go seek. And Tiffany’s coaching and dialogue with Story Intensive webinar participants helps to tease more up and out for me.

I also had a follow-up 15-minute 1-on-1 coaching session with Tiffany. It felt, again, like I was home. Like I was chatting to someone I’ve known for a veryyyy long time. She feels like Soul Family.

Pulling together all the bits and pieces of your personal life and business and relationship story into ONE whole, helps you become whole.

Your Soul is here to experience certain situations. And as a conscious, living human being, you have free will choice to stay aligned with your Soul’s purpose during this lifetime.

And you have free will choice to swerve away, off the highway, to explore routes that either seem more scenic or promise to distract you from a particularly bumpy part of your Soul’s highway journey.

But when you are able to take the high eagle’s perspective and look back and feel what’s real about your journey that you have not wanted to face before, you take back your power. The power that your running away stole from you.

Your life experiences are your truth. Your life situations, your choices, your pain, your joys.. ALL of it… are all important and what make you unique.

And your Soul’s purpose is to share your uniqueness with the world. To offer you up, as a wayshower, as a Light, so others on their path can be strengthened, uplifted and inspired to walk their journey whole, rather than in pieces.

When we run away from parts of our truth, from the ‘bad and the ugly’ as Tiffany calls them, we’re walking around and living our lives as parts of ourselves, not our whole selves.

And you and I and each of the seven plus billion human beings on planet Earth now, none of us, can walk around in pieces and be powerful creators of our lives.

And if we’re not being the powerful creators that we are, we can’t manifest our heaven on Earth lives. No way.

Manifesting your happiest vision of your life takes massive self-love, wisdom and power. It takes clarity. It takes taking every bit of the power we have given away to others, to situations we experienced but don’t want to remember.
I’ve spent the last 27 years choosing to step away from doing my consciousness evolution work. Fully. All out.

I’ve done it in bits and pieces. Very well.

But each time the invitation, the opening to go all out came up, I’d back away. Run away. Shut down or pretend to just go along at the pace I found acceptable and safe.

27 years. Twenty seven years.

I preferred to play small. To be good. To care more about what people thought of the ‘crazy’ healing stuff I did than to offer and help those who wanted it.

Twenty seven years ago, I didn’t trust that God/dess would back my play. I didn’t think I was worthy of being supported while I explored options of doing my work. I didn’t trust that God/dess would find a way to help me play in a bigger pond, so I chose to stay in a small, stifling, safe pond.

And I ended up almost losing my life, my sanity and my health. Even now, I’m at still recovering from a long spiraling down of both fitness and health that resulted in a hospital stay in March and April of this year.

I’ll talk more about all of this. Promise. I’m still collecting the pieces anew. Still applying glue and fitting together the puzzle.

But Tiffany Largie was the gift God/dess sent to help me move this along faster just a few short weeks ago. And now here I am, blogging for the second day in a row, after not blogging more than about three or four times since my father passed in July 2014, over three years ago.

And I’m creating new tools and getting ready to start my monthly group calls again early next year.

Are you hiding from parts of your own story? Are you running around, keeping busy, holding your acceptable pieces close and hiding from the ugly and the bad that call to you in your silent, private, alone moments?

We take ourselves everywhere we go. Into all relationships. Into all life situations and experiences. What we suppress gets stronger and finds a way to burst forth to be noticed, paid attention to, loved and healed.

I can’t run anymore.

There is nowhere to hide.

There is no other person to be.

There is no other work to do.

My entire story is the core of who I am.

Here’s Tiffany on the importance of Story in her own words:

Come join me to play with piecing together more of our powerful stories on Wednesday with Tiffany. She stays in the webinar room until ALLLL questions are answered. And I’ll stay right along with you too.

Hugging you closely now,