Blogging Challenge – Day 1


I haven’t been blogging consistently for over three years. Life got in the way. I finally transcribed and published six more non-fiction Amazon kindle books. My Dad passed in between that and I  changed my business focus completely for the next two or so years and began writing and publishing fiction… 19 fiction kindle fiction books in all under a pen name. 😉

Then my sister passed around the same time I’d had enough of fiction for awhile. That was last Thanksgiving morning, November 2016.

I wrote a tribute to my Dad on my old blog before I stopped blogging regularly after July 2014. But I couldn’t and still can’t bear to write about my sister, Jackie. Our family is coming up to one year now since she passed. I’m a bit worried about my Mom because she was so caught up last year this time overseeing Jackie’s many transfers from one hospital to the other.

As this one year anniversary started creeping up, I began crying a bit every few days again. I just miss knowing she’s here. It doesn’t matter that I know intellectually and emotionally that she’s better off now. She’s no longer in pain, with different parts of her body shutting down, not able to talk, then not able to breathe properly.

I know she’s better off.

But I miss her soooo damn much. I know she’s just a thought away. But I miss knowing she’s here with me on Earth, even if it was far away and I never got to see her often.

Jackie’s passing stopped me. Instead of thinking about not writing and publishing fiction anymore, I just stopped.

I stopped everything business-wise.

I had no clue what I wanted to do. November 2016 ended, mercifully. December crawled by.

Not only had Jackie passed but my 18-year old daughter decided to extend her student visa to continue reading for her first degree in Canada. It was the very first time she’d been away from home for longer than a couple days and now she’d be away for Christmas and New Year’s and alone in Canada to boot.

January 2017 came and went. My birthday in March also presented itself. Then there was an emergency hospital stay later in March and early April. And a longggg recovery. Still ongoing.

I know it’s time to start my consciousness evolution work again. My online monthly guided group meditations. Sharing the galactic sound healing technique I’ve been using since 1990 but have never taught anyone.

So much to do. So little time. And so scared, excited and tumbling with mixed and ever-competing feelings inside.

But guess what?

I’m beginning to also feel tuned in to my Guidance again. The Guidance I’ve been resisting and fighting and running away from and ignoring a lot since my Dad passed.

As I think of what I want to be writing and creating now, I am immediately guided to material I already have on my computer or a program or resource that’s a perfect fit.

Like this blogging challenge I VERYYYY reluctantly signed up for yesterday after mulling it for awhile. I’ve been feeling like it would be good having company doing some of my biz building activities. And this Challenge group is all about that. We’ll be blogging for 8 or so days and reporting in with each other.

And it already has pushed me to finish setting up this blog. I’d installed the theme week before last then left it hanging. Alone. Even wrote an intro post, saved it in Word to go back and edit, and left that too, very purposely refusing to pay it any attention.

Thank You, God/dess/Life/Universe and Angela Wills for leading this Blogging Challenge via the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. It got me out of procrastination mode and into active blogging for today!

Are you actively building a business for yourself, online or offline?  Are you starting your life over in one or more areas, or contemplating doing so?

Has there been something or some things that has/have been stopping you? Have you just been through too many heart wrenching life events that you’re left feeling exhausted, panting for air without enough energy to continue going?

Or is one of those life shifting events unfolding now?

Whatever is going on with you, I’m sending you a virtual hug… in fact a tight, warm virtual hug. And I’m patting you on the back. And I’m telling you that you are loved. That you are strong. And that you can take however long you need to grieve, express your sadness or anger or frustration or whatever.

Because you deserve healing time. Healing love. Healing, period. Take it. And don’t ever rush yourself past your pain and the healing truly feeling it will bring.

Love you and Bless you. Until next time. Hopefully tomorrow. No, make that definitely tomorrow. I’m finishing this blogging challenge that I’ve started today with this post. So I’ll turn up and share something tomorrow via this blog. And the next day and the next whatever amount of days I’m to blog to successfully complete. That will be healing for me. Now.