How and why does your story affect EVERYTHING you do? Including how much you make in your business or job?

Yep. What IS your story? Not the story about your day today or yesterday or tomorrow.

Your LIFE story.

Your story that explains why you do what you do and how you instill everything you do with it.

Including how you’re making money right now, be that job or business. Or how and why you’re not making money now, job nor business.

Tiffany Largie sold her 7-figure business because she saw how individuals like you and me didn’t understand how our unique stories impact everything we do.

AND how understanding our stories can finally answer the question of ‘Why am I here?’

She started a brand new business to help folks get clear on what their stories are. And to turn around and use their unique stories to be the foundation of making six and seven figure incomes.

I LOVE that. I resonate COMPLETELY with that. Because ending poverty is a radical necessity for human evolution on planet Earth now. And it’s part of my own mission too.The evolution of consciousness HAS to be accompanied by the evolution of money reality or its all airy-fairy nonsense.

So letting you know about this Story Intensive is important to me. Because you, your happiness, your passion, your purpose, your money abundance is important to me. Because you life on Earth. Now. If you grab the unique power of your story so that you stand in it fully, express who you are and offer your gifts and talents more effectively, you’ll earn more. It’s as simple as that.

Tiffany used to charge $197 for a three-hour online webinar entitled Story Intensive. She stopped charging after a life-changing, unexpected hospital stay very recently. She’s so grateful for that experience that she had to give back and now she’s doing just that by offering her normal $197 Intensive for FREE.

I was directly blessed by this. I couldn’t have attended last week’s Intensive if I’d had to pay $197. Just didn’t have it. But my baby sister Suzanne told me about it and invited me. And when I saw Tiffany’s video, I decided then and there this was ONE webinar I’d have to attend LIVE.

All went well. But JUST as I outlined my life story and was going to enter it into the chat so Tiffany could rip it apart (joking), a little 5-year old boy and his Mom came to visit. And there went that intention.

He was busssssyyyyyy typing away on a Word doc I’d set up for him to keep him quiet. He wanted to type of all things, of all possible times! I figured if I let him type away, I could do more of the short assignments Tiffany gave in between coaching during the workshop. So I could structure the story better and THEN submit it for ripping.

Long story short, I was wayyyy toooo distracted. So I’m attending again at 2:00pm, EST TODAY.

And I’d like to invite you personally to gift yourself with this excellent, heart and eye-opening 3-hour online workshop. IF today isn’t good, there’s an alternative one scheduled for next week.

Whichever one works, hop over and get your Free registration done. That way even if you get busy, you’ll get a reminder.

Please do NOT miss this. If you’d like to get clear, stay clear, sort and organize and get things in place so you can DIVE headfirst into October, November, December and then 2018 locked and loaded, join me in today’s (or next week’s) Intensive with Tiffany.

You’ll be able to ask questions, get a structure for how to figure out your story and run it by her for ripping… er… greater clarity and fine-tuning, until you feel it exactly expresses who you are and what you are passionate about.

I teach all my business, personal development and Soul alignment clients that each human being is gifted and here on Earth to share their own unique talents and passion.

Get your story straight and you’ll be able to share who you are in a way that you can make even more money doing what you’re already doing and have more fun doing it. Get registered free here:

Love you and talk soon again.


Angela <3