Develop Daily Happy-Inside Habit

3-Step Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions and a Word On Habit Replacement

  Hi and Happy New Year!!! Today I’m sharing a training Tiffany Largie did to help those of us focus in very precisely to the priority goal we have to manifest in 2018. I’ve never been good at Resolutions and I like this system. As you watch Tiffany’s short goal setting video tutorial, remember to… […]

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More On How Smiling More Increases Your Vibrational Frequency

  OR ‘Smile More Every Day, Every Minute’. 😉 Blogging Challenge – Day 9 Hello, Yesterday I pondered my ‘What’s the Most Pleasing 5-Letter Word‘ post. The idea for it was born when I watched a video with the same title on Facebook. But I couldn’t find it on Youtube. Well, not the same one. […]

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What’s the Most Pleasing 5-Letter Word?

  Blogging Challenge – Day 8 Hi there, Yes, you read the title right! The most pleasing 5-letter word? #happiness #LOA #relationships #stress #depression Did you guess this correctly? Do you do it enough? Would doing it help to shift your energy when you’re experiencing a low moment? Do it. Do more of it. Consciously. […]

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Health, Relationship, Money Stress, Depression, Law of Attraction and Soul Alignment

  Blogging Challenge – Day 6 Hi again, One of the things that delays, pauses and halts personal transformation and consciousness evolution is the amount of stress that modern day life entails. Modernization comes at a price oftentimes. Less personal alone time. Less communing and interactive relationship with nature and the natural world in everyday […]

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5-Minute Fiction Writing Challenge – Day 19

  Blogging Challenge – Day 4 Hi again, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone in fulfilling today’s blogging challenge. So below is today’s 5-minute fiction short that I wrote for a 30-day Fiction Writing Challenge I’m also participating in. I’ve only written one other day out of the 19 days so far […]

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Gratitude Prayer at Day’s End

  Blogging Challenge – Day 3 Hello, I’m about to hit the sack but did not want to go to bed without completing today’s blog post challenge. I didn’t feel like writing much, didn’t want to get into the tech of creating a video since I haven’t done any videos for ages. So I thought […]

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Personal Transformation, Happiness and Business Building – Update On Tiffany Largie’s Story Intensives

  Blogging Challenge – Day 2 Hello again, Yes, I’ve made it back for Day 2 of our Blogging It Out Challenge. And I wanted to talk about Tiffany Largie and how important she has become to me in the past three or so weeks. A total stranger before that. But a total stranger who […]

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Participating In a Blogging Challenge to Force Myself To Finish Setting Up New Blog & Start Posting Regularly Again

Blogging Challenge – Day 1 Hello, I haven’t been blogging consistently for over three years. Life got in the way. I finally transcribed and published six more non-fiction Amazon kindle books. My Dad passed in between that and I  changed my business focus completely for the next two or so years and began writing and […]

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Tiffany Largie – 7-Figure Business Coach Offering Free Story Intensives

  How and why does your story affect EVERYTHING you do? Including how much you make in your business or job? Yep. What IS your story? Not the story about your day today or yesterday or tomorrow. Your LIFE story. Your story that explains why you do what you do and how you instill everything […]

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