Multidimensional Self Care

Online Retreat for Cosmic

Spiritual Sound Healing and

Consciousness Development

***  Quick vibrational frequency uppers to help you reach for happy more effectively each day to stay centered and inspired

***  Soul mate relationship insights including karmic and twin souls

***  Sound healing transmissions including light language and galactic toning

***  Manifest more money, love, fun, happiness, health, inner peace, clarity,  overall abundance in addition to increased I Am and Soul alignment via:

******  I Am and Soul alignment tips and techniques

******  Goddess, Veda, animal companion and other intuitive oracle insights

******  Guardian Angel, spiritual ascension and Goddess messages

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  • Sound Healing Transmission: Light Language and Galactic Toning Introduction For New Members
  • "Inner Power Hour" Cosmic Spiritual Healing Guided Meditation
  • January 2013 LIVE Recorded Spiritual Ascension Message
  • Sound Healing Transmission: Clear Stuck Energy Blocking Manifestation of Extra US$500-$1,000 A Month